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What to expect from your flooring installation…. 


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 Thank you for choosing Williams Flooring America, The following are a few things to help your flooring installation go smoothly: 

  1. Williams Flooring America and customer agree that any alterations or deviations from the contract involving extra cost become an EXTRA CHARGE over and above the amount herein agreed upon. 
  2. Pets must be secured as doors may be open during periods of time during the installation. 
  3. All communication about installation questions, warranty work, or repairs needs to begin through the store and salesperson. 
  4. Permanent heat and power must be on for at least 24 hours prior to installation. 
  5. If we are moving furniture for you: 
  6. There is an additional charge for this service and the service should be noted on your Contract. 
  7. All small items, breakables, books, etc. must be removed before the installer gets there. Armoires, china cabinets, etc. must be emptied. 
  8. There may be an additional charge for heavy items like upright pianos, file cabinets, appliances, etc. Please be sure these items are noted so that your invoice is correct, and that the installer has enough men with him to move these items. 
  9. We can remove and reset toilets and appliances. We double check our work for leaks, however we are flooring contractors and not plumbers, as such we prefer you or a licensed plumber disconnect and reconnect waterlines and appliances. We are not responsible for leaks or moisture issues that may arise from us doing so. 
  10. We will not move pool tables, waterbeds, or grand pianos. 
  11. If we are doing demolition or tear out: 
  12. There is an additional charge for demolition/tear out. If you do not see this description on your contract, it will not be on the work order to the installer. Please contact your salesperson immediately if it needs to be added. 
  13. There is a disposal fee of $0.16 per sq ft. Additional charge for flooring containing pet urine. 
  14. Occasionally, there may be unforeseen prep work needed. It is possible that unexpected prep or subfloor issues need to be addressed before we can install the new floor. In the event additional labor and or material charges are necessary, we will explain these to you, the steps that are needed and the cost associated with it. These are the customer’s responsibility
  15. We estimate material needed to complete the job, sometimes installers can be more efficient than the estimate and you are left with some extra material. We encourage you to keep it case of unforeseen issues. However, there are no returns for non-stocking items, and we will not deduct money from your bill for extra material
  16. Our installers will be as careful as possible, however minor scuffing and dings to baseboards and corners are a possibility. Touch up paint is the customer’s responsibility
  17. Sometimes door trimming may be necessary. We do not trim doors. It is the customer’s responsibility to have this work performed. 
  18. Occasionally when installing a new floor that must meet an existing floor or cabinetry, the transitions that we order in with the floor do not work correctly. This is because of existing conditions in the house that we have no control over. WFA will do our best to customize a transition in these cases. If we are not able to come up with a suitable solution, you may need to get a custom trim carpenter. 
  19. Squeaks in floors: If you have a subfloor that squeaks in a particular area, and point it out to our installers, we can screw the subfloor in that particular area before installing your new carpet. This will diminish the squeaks. We cannot guarantee that all squeaks will be gone entirely. If there are multiple areas that need attention, there may be an additional charge. 
  20. Carpet seams: We do not guarantee invisible seams. We do guarantee professionally constructed, durable seams. 
  21. All products can and will be affected by UV exposure, Williams Flooring America has no control over this, and natural products may darken or lighten depending on product and or species. WFA is not responsible for the shade variance occurred from UV exposure. 
  22. Carpet care: Most manufacturers expect the customer to have their carpet professionally cleaned approximately every 12-18 months in order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. 
  23. We will moisture test your concrete slab before we install any hard surface. If the slab is showing signs of moisture and is reading above average, flooring will not be installed until a proper solution and moisture reading can be obtained. Any sealing of slabs, moisture barriers and work associated with this will be an EXTRA CHARGE. We are not responsible for moisture issues arriving after flooring installation. 
  24. Material warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is available online at the manufacturer’s website. Material warranties are non-transferable and material used in rentals, BNB will not be warranted. In the rare event that you have a claim against the material, please contact Williams Flooring America immediately and we will start the claim process for you. We will advocate for you to the best of our ability, but WFA does not have any control over the time frame or the ultimate outcome of warranties and claims from the manufacturers. 
  25. Your installation is guaranteed by Williams Flooring America for one year from the date of installation. WFA will repair, at no charge to you, any defects due to faulty workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, or improper use/care/cleaning. The Warranty is Non-Transferable. 


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